Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking forward to the weekend + a test 2morrow -_-'

HIhihihih!! This weekend is gonna be awesome!! 
I'm going to Pietarsaari (JEPPIIIISSS!!!!<3) this friday and I'll be staying there 'till monday!! :D 
It's gonna be hella fun! I miss my friends and bf so much!<3 Can't wait to see them ^^
I already got my christmas present ready for Thai ^^ (Hihihi gonna take pics and upload them later >:D) and we're gonna exchange them this weekend ('cuz we can't meet up when it's christmas, shieeet) :P

But now I have to concentrate on reading for my last test tomorrow and a new semester will begin ;D okey off to reading, buh byee<3


For my boy Thai ^^

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