Sunday, May 8, 2011

BBQing and Leather jackets!

Hey Ya'll! :D
Fredag~! Fredag~! Måste gå när i fredag~, Alla vänta på en veckoslut, veckoslut! I går var thursdag, I dag är fredag~~ etc.
LOL that was Rebecca Black's song called Friday in SWEDISH (.....I apologize my lousy swedish. Jag kan inte talar svenska!)

Heheh! So I wanted to tell you guys about my friday! :D We had a BBQ party, we watched hockey match (Finland WON Germany!!! >:D) and the rest of the night... well... you know, wink wink ;)
...............We totally like watched Rebecca Black and stuff!<3<3<3<3<3 <-----feel the sarcasm?
Hahha No seriously, Go watch Rebecca Black on Youtube, she's awesome! (Y) <------Still feeling it? xD

Kids. Do NOT do this. Driving a motorcycle while camwhoring is DANGEROUS!

These are the ingredients for bbquing! :D Mushrooms, bacons, Bonjour-cream and ....peppermint gum?? WTH!? O_O?
So we put some cream inside the mushrooms and covered it with bacon = YUMMY! :9
Then grill! Ahhh! BBQing was so much fun and the food was delicious!<3

After eating lying around doing nothing. But hey did you guys notice that all three of us have leather jackets? You wanna know why? 'Cuz we're BADASSES, that's why! >B)

Now How cool is this? Creative huh? ;) those are Katy's glasses, not mine (even though I want it to be:P)

AAAAHH! I'm so addicted to this jacket! I Love Leather Jackets! They're so comfortable and I feel so cool and badass in it. Now I want a black motorbike, tattoos and a ciggarette and then the picture would be perfect! xD lol just jk, Smoking Is BAD. You'll DIE. O_O

I'm a Camwhore, So What!? You got a problem with that? ;D

Ps. I hope you guys'll like my Banner/Header (or whatever it is, I dunno xD) Riceball's OUT! Peace! :D


  1. Ensinnäkin (suomeksi, ei jaksa enkkua säheltää ;P): Nahkatakit on tosi ihQ! ;DDD
    Toiseksi: Sieni/pekoni/levite-grillausherkut on jotain aivan taivaallista OwwO
    Ja kolmanneksi: Hieno headeri, tyksin :DD

  2. OMG miten ihania kuvia! :D)) Teil oli varmaan tosi hauskaa! Haluun mukaan!! xD
    Jee, tykkään headerista! <3
    Tykkään kaikesta!! >:D

  3. Heheee perjantai :DD noi sienet oli niin superhyvii et pakko grillata niit uusiks joskus! ja hieno toi uus headeri, good job PutQ! ;))

  4. Irvikissa: Nahkatakit ON IHQ!!!!!<3<3 Oon iha koukus siihe xD Sitku tuutte takas sielt Nigeriast niin grillataan! :D Kiits beibeh!<3 Kiva ett tykkäät ^^

    Banana: Siis niiQ OOÄMGEE Kiitti<3<3<3 Tuu takas niin pääset mukaan! >:D Tykkään ku tykkäät kaikesta! Thx<3

    Katy: Todellaki uudestaan! Thank you, Katy<3 Sen tekemiseen meni iha sikana aikaa ja vaivaa ett kiva ett diggaat ;D